Application design and development

Focused on the implementation of responsive frameworks we build multi-platform applications that work equally well on every device. The starting point is the back-end functionality creation including the database design and architecture. Then we design static views of the application and test them on multiple devices. This phase ends up with a preview for the client and final adjustments and redesigns according to the application’s requirements. The design phase of the applications consists of:

    • Application user interface approach
    • User experience concepts and mock-ups
    • Visual Identity
    • User interface design
    • Multi-platform adaptation (iOS & Android)

Application launch in stores

The successful launch of any product depends on an appropriate marketing campaign. After exploring the client’s needs and expectations, our team creates and suggests a customized list of marketing solutions. These solutions target to increase the app’s visibility, bring it to the targeted audience and generate the necessary number of installations which leads to a big audience and great reviews.

    • App Store Optimization
    • App publishing and deployment
    • Mobile promotion and advertising
    • Marketing analytics