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Search engine optimization is not a once-done job. Results and philosophy need to be reviewed too often, in order to have great result in search engines ranking. What is more, coding and content management systems constantly change. So in order to keep up, you need some specialist to do the job. But sometimes small businesses …

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Web Design - favourite-flat-colorpickers-gnnpls-corfu-greece

We create products for the online world. In our job, we use a variety of tools according to the needs of our customers and projects. As media and web trends change in the speed of light, sometimes is hard to catch up. But our development and design department spend some quality time in searching and …

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Minimal-web design - mobile design - motivar.io

In ancient Sparta (the tribe that was previewed in the film:300s) they were known because of their unique lifestyle. What they left behind, except the historical facts, was a phrase “Το λακωνίζειν εστί φιλοσοφείν”, which really means the less is smart or less is more! Gnnpls team Minimal and flat design came up in the …

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