Project description

Our company has undertaken the design and construction of Corfu Dominoes website thanks to its long-term experience in the field of tourism business. By earning the trust of our partners and achieving the promotion of accommodations in the wider region of Ipsos and Dasia, we created a functional webpage with easy accessibility and surfing.

This project constituted an innovation in the sector of projecting accommodations, since we managed to present their services and activities with facilitation and emphasis on high aesthetics. Through the Corfu Dominoes website, guests can be informed about their accommodation as well as available packages.

At last, the sector of organising events for special occasions was a ground-breaking decision, which can be applied only via an online form. The website also gives the possibility of online-booking though a platform, where guests can be directly informed about the availability of the desired rooms.

Website creation for hotel in Ipsos Corfu