Project description

Our company worked on the creation of Dassia Ski Club Watersports webpage, which is characterised by the detailed approach in the sector of Graphic Design and high aesthetics in the photo gallery. It is an about a webpage for water-sports in Dassia, Corfu, in which all necessary information both for beginners and advanced is given.

By having a big audience from athletes with high performance to families with children, the web page describes thoroughly water-sports in three languages, by giving first and foremost security tips. You can also find additional services as well as travel packages, which will bring indelible moments of laughter to your vacation. All you have to do is to use the newsletter platform, so that you can always be kept up-to-date.

This website was a challenge for Motivar, since it followed a ground-breaking design and multilingual rendering, while great emphasis was given to the gallery, which illustrates adrenaline to its whole. By using the online booking system, you can facilitate the organisation of your vacation, while you explore popular beaches all over the island and discover new places.

Website creation for watersport activities