Project description

The Iliada Beach Hotel, built in the winter of 1983, represents much more than just accommodation. It is a symbol of the diversity and natural beauty that characterizes the area. Taking its name from Homer's "The Iliad", it highlights not only the rich culture of the region but also the unsurpassed natural beauty that characterizes it. The owners of the hotel, Tacos, Wafa, and their sons, Andy and Eric with a long history in the field, have created a destination that reflects their love for the hospitable environment, offering guests a unique accommodation experience.

Iliada Beach Hotel was looking for excellence in its hospitality service, and Motivar took on the role of a trusted partner to achieve this. From the design and development of the dynamic website to the hotel's online presence, Motivar provided exceptional service, helping Iliada Beach Hotel communicate effectively with its guests. The dynamic nature of the website allows for comfortable browsing from any device (responsive design), which increases accessibility and ease of use for all guests.

To achieve this goal Motivar offered services such as:

  • Responsive Web Design and Development: the dynamic design of the website offers the optimal navigation experience for the visitor, regardless of the device.
  • Content Management: Content Management: that ensures seamless creation and editing of content on all pages.
  • Website Optimization (SEO): achieving more effective localization in online searches, in order to increase traffic to the business's website.
  • Speed Optimization: faster loading of content for seamless browsing from any device.
  • Booking engine integration: integration and full interface of the website with the booking engine used by the business.

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