Project description

Bahia Mare is a family business located along Barbati beach in Corfu, combining stunning natural beauty with fresh local ingredients for an unforgettable dining experience. The welcoming and helpful staff ensures the customer's comfort, whether seeking a romantic dinner, a meeting with loved ones or just a quiet escape by the sea.

The Motivar team undertook the design and creation of the company's professional website, with the aim of providing easy and accurate information to the client. Also, emphasis was placed on creating dynamic content with food and drink menus, as well as photos that are accessible from any device (responsive design). Lastly, visitors to the website can check availability through a contact form and proceed to booking a table to enjoy their dinner.

The services of Motivar:

  • Responsive Web Design and Development: dynamic websites for an immediate and quick adaptation to any device.
  • Content Management: the development of the website was aimed at the comfortable and fast creation and management of all the content.
  • Website Optimization (SEO): for better search engine results.
  • Speed Optimization: designed to provide fast response and display of page content for all devices.
  • Table Reservation Request System: a simple and fast way for customer reservations.

Website and reservation system for restaurant