Project description

Building a villa rental website and implementing the Filox booking engine for villas.

An ever-growing company that manages and rents villas & luxury residences as well as providing high-level concierge services to the guests of their villas, with a vision and philosophy for the tourism industry and the level of services provided, has joined forces with Motivar to create an integrated and modern website. An integrated project for which Motivar supervised the custom design of the mockup for the construction of the website as well as the implementation of the online accommodation reservation system.

Special emphasis was placed on the optimal functioning of the website on all devices and the loading speed. In the easy-to-use and detailed presentation of the properties as well as the provided services of each accommodation, while at the same time the user-friendly booking engine enables website visitors to send their request, check availability and proceed with their reservation in simple and quick steps.

Website creation for travel agency