Project description

╬č is an award-winning travel platform dedicated exclusively to Arachova and the Parnassos region. The goal of is to be a timeless and reliable information hub for the tourist public and to act as a connecting link between tourists and the destinations of Parnassos.

It was founded in 2016 as a travel portal, while in 2021 it was upgraded to a travel platform with online bookings.

With a team made up of local travel experts, marketing experts and travel agents, it contributes decisively to the touristic and economic development of the municipalities of Delphi, Arachova-Distomou-Antikyra and Amfikleia-Elatia.

Motivar undertook the complete redesign of the On Parnassos website and the expansion of its functionality with online booking capabilities for accommodation, activities and experiences in the greater Parnassos area. Integrated Filox's comprehensive booking system for a multitude of services, while API communication mechanisms with external platforms were also implemented to synchronize availability and prices of partnered accommodations.

Special emphasis was placed on optimal functionality and user experience when navigating visitors through different devices, while interactive maps and easy-to-use content search features were also incorporated.

The mechanisms implemented include the daily automated update of the status of the Parnassos Ski Center for the lifts, slopes, roads, snow depth, etc.

Website design & booking system for travel portal