Project description

Wibee is an innovative technology company specializing in WiFi services, offering businesses the ability to adopt marketing strategies through wireless network connectivity. The company provides specialized equipment that allows businesses to connect their customers to WiFi, while boosting their visibility on social networks. On Wibee's website, visitors can find information about the company's services and available purchase packages. In addition, there is an option to contact Wibee online for further information and queries.

Motivar, with its professionalism, undertook Wibee's website develpment, choosing the right partner for a better presence of the company in the digital space. The development of the website reflects Wibee's professionalism and capabilities, regardless of which device the client uses (responsive design), emphasizing cross device easy and fast browsing. Through this partnership, Wibee's services are promoted and the company's interaction with the public is facilitated, creating a digital tool that serves the needs of the company and its customers.

Motivar services:

  • Responsive Web Design and Development: simple and easy browsing of the visitor to the company's website, from any device.
  • Content Management: content management that allows direct creation and editing on all pages, making work simple and fast.
  • Website Optimization (SEO): application of international SEO standards in order to achieve the best possible online presence of the company thanks to higher search engine results.
  • Speed Optimization: ensure fast loading of content and files on any device.

Website for technology company