Project description

The company Crusise Me Up has a handmade wooden boat Trehantiri, built in 1985 in Syros by the renowned Mavrikos family. As a certified Greek heritage vessel, the "Koryfo" combines elegance and stability and offers three types of cruise - private, day and sunset cocktail cruise - for unforgettable experiences.

Motivar undertook the design and development of the Cruise Me Up website. With the goal of providing the best possible visitor navigation experience, emphasis was placed on responsive design so that the website is accessible and works smoothly on all devices. Also, special attention was paid to the loading speed to enable travelers to explore the available options without delay. Finally, an online booking engine was integrated, very easy to use, with no third-party charges.

Motivar offers the following services:

  • Responsive Web Design and Development: the website has a dynamic design, so that it can be accessed without restrictions from any device the user navigates.
  • Content Management: that allows instant customization and creation on every page, improving simplicity and speed of work.
  • Website Optimization (SEO): the website follows all international Search Engine Optimization guidelines, making it easier for search engines to discover the website and increase organic traffic.
  • Speed Optimization: the creation of the website focused on fast loading of content and files on all devices.
  • Integration of Filox online booking engine: very easy to use, allowing the user to complete the booking process quickly and reliably, through simple steps without commissions.

Website and booking system for daily cruise company