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5 Tips To Convert More Visitors

Keep it simple

You’ve crammed graphics, content and every other element you can think of onto your landing page, hoping that an informed visitor is a motivated visitor. Keep it clean and focused. Emphasize what your visitors need to know with a few well-placed bullet points of information. And keep any fill-in forms brief—no one likes filling out a lengthy form!

Post great content

You may think your product is so good it practically sells itself, and perhaps that’s true. But if no one knows about your company, no one will pay attention to what you’re selling. Great content draws visitors. A well-written product description, tailored to your target audience, will provide more incentive to convert than a page filled with product stats.

Add engaging elements

A bouncing banana graphic isn’t engaging; it’s an eyesore. Add simple, clean elements that focus on your brand and appeal to your audience. Incorporate pictures or videos that connect with your viewers on a personal level. Employ technologies like parallax scrolling to enhance your visitors’ experience. The more your audience enjoys your website, the more conversions will result.

Clear call to action

This one seems like a no-brainer, but many businesses bury their call to action beneath confusing, distracting or even misleading information. Your site’s call to action should be obvious, prominently displayed and emphasized with visual clues. Lead visitors quickly and clearly into the desired action, and you’ll enjoy more conversions.

5 Tips To Convert More Visitors