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User Experience (UX) User experience (UX) is how a person feels when interfacing with a system. The system could be a website, a web application or desktop software and, in modern contexts, is generally denoted by some form of human-computer interaction (HCI) User Experience continues to move to the forefront of what differentiates products and …

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There is no magic formula for achieving a high ranking on TripAdvisor but what we do know is that a meticulous approach is essential. A big part of that is hiring great people, people who love to serve. Whether restaurants like it or not, they cannot ignore TripAdvisor. Not only do people today write reviews, …

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Keep it simple You’ve crammed graphics, content and every other element you can think of onto your landing page, hoping that an informed visitor is a motivated visitor. Keep it clean and focused. Emphasize what your visitors need to know with a few well-placed bullet points of information. And keep any fill-in forms brief—no one …

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We create products for the online world. In our job, we use a variety of tools according to the needs of our customers and projects. As media and web trends change in the speed of light, sometimes is hard to catch up. But our development and design department spend some quality time in searching and …

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In ancient Sparta (the tribe that was previewed in the film:300s) they were known because of their unique lifestyle. What they left behind, except the historical facts, was a phrase “Το λακωνίζειν εστί φιλοσοφείν”, which really means the less is smart or less is more! Gnnpls team Minimal and flat design came up in the …

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