Muscalas Villas Paxos

The assignation of constructing and designing Villas Muscalas website constituted a big step for Motivar. In just one webpage, we achieved to promote both touristic properties of Muscalas and their luxurious services as well as to instruct visitors about popular places in Paxos Island.

The website of Villas Muscalas is dynamic and distinguishes for its compound content and its functional visitors’ service. The design of the website draws features of high quality, since all villas photos have exceptional resolution and realistic perspective. The website constantly refreshes, since interesting articles about island’s traditions, hidden beaches and advice for easier accessibility are regularly uploaded.

Muscalas Villas website possesses contemporary online-booking system, so that guests can directly book for their dreamy vacation. All the above in accordance with innovate automatization technics, which Motivar integrates in its projects.



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January 5, 2018