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Application Design & Development

The construction of applications with high-quality automatization consists one of our main priorities. Therefore, we aim at developing web applications and creating android applications with the best attribution and precise functionality.

By following the developments in the sector of applications, we create Mobile Applications in accordance with users’ needs. Both know-how and ground-breaking design constitute necessary tools for our occupation, so that we develop innovative applications for Android & Ios.

Application Design & Development


Branding can function as a key tool for the creation of competitive identity all over Greece. It is inevitably connected with marketing strategies to the point of affecting marketing developments. During the construction of a corporate identity, both designs of a corporate profile and logo-creation are of crucial importance components for the formulation of a digital identity.

In Motivar, we follow modern trends and methodologies of Graphic Design, since they are necessary for the formulation of a competitive corporate identity.

E-commerce / e-shops

Our long-term experience in the field of network has helped us so that we can undertake the design and construction of e-shops. By showing high responsibility and respect to the clients’ contemporary needs, we provide all those features, which confirm easy access and surfing in every e-shop.

Our goal is to eliminate the distance between the shop and the client so that the latest one will be satisfied with its easy purchasing. By being constantly informed of the technologies for e-commerce, we provide business consulting and thus we update the field of e-commerce.

E-commerce e-shops
Software Development

Software Development

The development of software programs is characterized by innovative solutions and high utility. As a company of Software & Programs construction, we focus on the development of innovative applications, CRM and mobile applications.

Our goal is to reach a result, which will combine high aesthetics, utility and interfunctionality. That is why, we take advantage of improved software products, which comply with contemporary technological inventions.

Web Design & Development

Motivar designs and constructs web pages for hotels and touristic accommodation, as well as entrepreneurship and e-shops (e-commerce). Their designation is conducted in accordance with high aesthetics and modern responsive design. During their construction, optimal functionality and easy operation in any device constitute our primary goal. We create corporate web pages, which are followed by modern business rules in order to fulfill clients’ expectations.

As a result, we provide direct solutions by contributing to the development of digital marketing as well as to the construction of dynamic websites. We are constantly updated for the upcoming technological inventions, which are applied for the renovation of our online services.